Words of SoShik

“I enjoy a life of simplicity and that's what comes along with what I do. Once you’ve mastered the art, it becomes less complex. Being a technician can be very tedious but its the comfortability for me. I like being behind the scenes so starting a online business was my next step to growing my business. One of the perks is spending time alone so I can get in my zone and fix my customer's phones. My favorite part is seeing the device turn on and knowing that my customers will be at ease once their device is returned.” -SoShik

What inspired the name techievibes?

The term techie is a slang for technician students who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about technology and techie innovations. I decided to name my company techievibes because my company is all about about spreading good vibes by offering the best technical service experience and quality products. We fix what’s said to be unfixable and find solutions to better our customers overall experience. No customer should be left feeling like their device isn’t covered and protected. We offer a warranty on repairs and exchanges for any damaged or defective products.


WHY a technician?

It’s a long story so I hope you have time. I was drawn to become a technician due to multiple incidents that occurred while I was a business to business salesperson. I remember during a very hot wet summer day, I hopped out of my car and cracked my phone so bad that I couldn’t use it. That was the second time cracking it within a month but during that moment, I was in a unfamiliar town that I knew nothing about and I had no gps to get me from point a to point b. I found my way to the nearest mall to try to get it repaired. I think I had $40 to my name which I had intended on using for gas and food but was so desperate to get my phone fixed that I offered my last and still the tech turned me away. At that time, the market price to repair a iPhone 6 Plus was $90. I was so frustrated because I knew I needed my phone to continue working and navigate my way but my only solution was to find my way home and figure out my next move.


For two days, I had no phone access so I couldn’t work. I was too ashamed to ask for help so I did some research and found a tutorial on YouTube that was titled, "How to fix a iPhone 6 Plus in 5 min." It seemed so easy so the next day I went to the local shop and practically begged the guy to fix my phone for $40. He too declined so I knew I had to fix it myself. I grabbed one of the mini iPhone repair kit for $10. I asked if I could buy one of his broken screens and he said sure. I paid a total of $30 for everything. Went home and started dissecting my device. First try, I followed each step by step according to the tutorial and got the phone to actually turn on but the screen only worked on one side so I took it back to the shop and the tech gave me another broken screen. I didn’t care as long as it worked. Second time around, I was able to get it to function and I decided that day that I would make a hustle of it.


I was a independent contractor, hitting the pavement each day, getting paid based on commission only, so there was no guarantee that I would get paid that week. Thankfully, I had a working phone so I got back on the field and hit each business. I worked until dust & didn’t plan on stopping until I heard a yes! By the end of the week I got a sale that pay out was $2500. The funds hit my account the following Friday and on that day I decided to invest in myself and my business. I remember going to the local Boost Mobile store and asking how I could get some unique business cards. After getting their recommendation, I ordered mine the same night and it took about a month for them to arrive. I started promoting my business on Instagram and Facebook and bought the tools I needed from Amazon. I went to a few local shops to find out ways to buy screens in wholesale and actually discovered a few warehouses that sold them locally. From then on, I fixed, flipped and repeated the process. I offered the lowest prices in the city. I advertised myself as a mobile technician so I made wherever I was my workspace. I would go to peoples jobs, homes, dorms, places of business, but mostly to this local bar that I previously served at called Red@28th. Things really started to take off and I felt really proud. The profit was very rewarding and promising so I decide to make it a full time hustle. Eventually I grew a strong liking for it even through all the trial and error.


My mistakes always led somewhere and sometimes it wasn’t to a good place but I can honestly say that my intentions were always to fix it. What I learned though is that you can not please everyone no matter how hard you try. That was the biggest damper on my spirit when it came to running my own business. Once I accepted that fact, things got a lot easier. Eventually I landed more opportunities down the line. I worked through all the hardships, continued to strategize and build a foundation along the way. This led me to becoming a expert for Mobile Bling & AT&T. I knew that I wanted to get better and enable to do that I had to go through proper training & shadow other experts. In the midst of those trainings, I learned more about how to mange other people’s business, as well as systems and programming. I then help those businesses create online platforms to grow their business and advertise our services. It was difficult at first having to conform to someone else way of business and structure but overall I had more to gain than anything. I was really lucky to land such opportunities. It took sometime to adapt and till this day I am still adapting.


Starting out, I didn’t see where I was headed but I knew this was something I could reach new heights with if I kept at it. I have decided this year that I want to take things to the next level for myself and not limit myself working for someone else’s establishment. Who knows where I would be today had I not taken on someone else’s startup company 3 years ago. I do not regret my decisions however, I do wish that I would have trusted my 25 year old self to make the sacrifice and stick to becoming the independent businesswoman that I always desired to be. During that time I thought I was biting off more than I could chew which resulted in me working for others again. This allowed me to gain more knowledge and become more aware so for that I am forever grateful. I also know that it is never too late to step into your purpose and fulfill what is destined for you. The opportunities that presented itself were merely building blocks to my ultimate success and in this moment, my vision is much clearer. I am more determined to get there and that is what inspired me to build this online platform as well as opening my own store in Charlotte, NC. I will be one of the first African American females to open a cell phone repair business in Charlotte and I am preparing myself for that moment. Please check out my donation page if you care to fund my campaign. Every contribution matters and I thank you for your support! -SoShik