“I come from a small town, less than a thousand people, no stop lights, so I’ve always been driven to keep going.”


My name is SoShik, I’m a repair expert and I currently reside in Charlotte, NC. Please click on the "About" tab for more info about my WHY and my mission. I am a Apple and Samsung certified technician who currently works for AT&T as a repair expert. I’ve been repairing devices for 4 years and counting and I must admit that I finally enjoy what I do for a living. I definitely win the award for being the jack of all trades. From cashier, to waiting tables, to call centers, to receptionist, to business to business sales, to unpaid internships to finally saying I want to become my own BOSS. As a independent technician, if I wasn’t trying to build personal connections with my customers, I was tearing down their defective devices, diagnosing their issues and putting them back together to make them function again after they were declared unfixable. I would also consider myself a field analyst with all of the knowledge that I had to process enable to keep thriving. Besides my experiences as a expert, I am also a student of life amongst all things.


"This is what I pride myself on the most because I came from a small town with no stop lights, less than a thousand people, so I’ve always been driven to keep going. I had a tough life and have been through a lot and I am still standing. Growing up I had no sense of direction but I knew I wanted something better out of life than what I only knew. I wasn’t the smartest student in the classroom but I was the most conscientious and had the most grit. Life and experiences were my greatest teachers and they’re what taught me my most valuable lessons. So I took on whatever opportunity that presented itself to me. In spite of many adversities that I faced along the way, I continued to hold my head high and ask for guidance."


Starting my own repair business became apart of my journey due to my never ending hustle. It was the inevitable. I didn’t choose this life, it kind of chose me. I just had to figure out a way to master the art of execution and form a solid business plan. I have decided to start a gofundme campaign to help grow my online business and use the funds to pour into my new cell phone repair shop in Charlotte, NC. This idea stemmed from one of this year’s affirmations and that’s to remember that you don’t have to do everything on your own and that it is okay to ask for support. I am asking for all contributions, whether it is a small donation or a simple transaction by purchasing one or many of the phone cases from my website techievibes.com that will help grow this business. Money has always been a constant worry because I had to find a way to survive and fund my business at the same time. I didn’t look for any handouts and there were times when I worked for free just to figure out how I could get to where I wanted to be. I always found a hustle to make money but they all seemed temporary because I couldn't quite find my balance due to working non stop to make sure I kept a roof over my head. Afterall starting a business requires startup money, money for equipment, tools, a safe workspace and then trying to live within your means, that can all be a challenge. Owning your own business comes with many risk that I’m willing to take. I’m not certain of the outcome but I do know that I do not want to leave this earth knowing that I didn’t push myself to reach my fullest potential. It’s been quite an adventure and I made it my duty to get up each day with a new mind, set new goals and to keep moving. I know that the rest of my life is still unwritten and in this moment I’m choosing to rewrite the pages because I want something greater.


Understanding the world of business is my first step in this next chapter. I’ve always been a determined person, coming up with new outlandish ideas and making something out of nothing but never really honed my business sense. Without it, it’s been hard to bridge the gap between my everyday life and my ultimate goals. One of my biggest lessons that I’ve learned is that you have to be resourceful, continue to work harder, smarter and innovate. You never know what opportunities may come your way and how they may help you later on in life. Here I am exploring my own story and my only wish is become a better version of myself. To be more kinder, patient, positive, and business savvy. Thats just to name a few of the things that will give my work more integrity and make what I do matter. I want to be that source of inspiration to people around the world who come from nothing but face challenges head on and continue to keep going. I know that I still have a long ways to go but I’m going to continue to put my best foot forward and find my way. I hope to move many mountains and reach the highest heights. I’m accepting of donations, small or large to fund my dream and support my business. Please click the links below to contribute to this cause and explore more of my website for more information about my business techievibes.com. You can also find my campaign at www.gofundme.com/clt-1st-female-black-owned-cell-phone-repair-shop and my business pages on Instagram www.instagram.com/soshikfixedit & www.instagram.com/techievibes_/

Thank you so much for your time. Stay Blessed!